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 Tyre Retreading Machine >> Tread Rubber Building Machine

Model No.: KD-A02


Tread Rubber Building Machine--tyre retreading machine

Pressing speed21-42m/min(high speed)
Line speed of tire when pressed by pinch roller

Motor for top roller0.85/0.75Kw

Working air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa

Motor for pinch roller transverse moving0.45/0.75kw    700/1400r/mzn

Total power:2.25KW

External dimensions (L × W × H)1860×2200×2100 (mm)

Weight: 850KG

 Tire builder machine Functions:

1 self-contained precision casting plate without inner tyre,inflatable.

2,to laminate precureed tread and medium mat rubber onto the used tyre core pretreated.


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