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 Tyre Retreading Machine >> curing chamber

Model No.: KD-A09 


tire retreading machines12~13 tires(380V 63KW) Temperature 112 ~ 117°C
Capacity 12~13 tyres
Cure pot pressure 0.45 ~ 0.5Mpa
Inner tube pressure 0.65 ~ 0.7 Mpa
Envelope working pressure 0.2 Mpa
Total power electricity 63 Kw
External dimensions (L × W × H) 1600x2100x2100 (mm)




Curing Chamber technical parameters:

1.Tank Body Packaging:High quality rock wool,glass epoxy 5mm,

merits: rust-proof ,strong anti-hitting performance,good keep warm effect(each time of vulcanizing can be 15% energy conservation than the tank made from 0.05mm galvanized sheet)

2.Built-in:Anti high temperature,high pressure motor,Driving Cycling fans,

3.Oil,Electric.Air three kinds warming setup(choice freely)

4.Auto Controlling Temperature,time alarm

5.The min. tank can be feeded into 4 tyres each time

The Max. tank can be feeded into 22 tyres each time

Can be customized according to your output.


Automatic electric Curing chamber

1.The process as follow:

tyre clean firstly dry tyre → inspecting tyre → buffing tyre → buffing outer wound of tyre → buffing inner wound of tyre → secondly inspecting tyre → repair inner wound → brushing adhesive on roof of tyre → secondly drying tyre → repair outer wound → affix middle rubber piece → tread building →assemble envelop → assemble inner tyre → assemble curing rim → inspecting inner tyre and curing rim → curing→ disassemble curing rim→ disassemble inner tyre → disassemble envelop → inspect end product → embellish tyre→ store tyre.

2.Optional Tire size:  16"-22.5", 20"-25"

3.Optional production line:

4pcs tires retreading plant

6pcs tires retreading plant

8pcs tires retreading plant

10pcs tires retreading plant

12pcs tires retreading plant

16pcs tires retreading plant

20pcs tires retreading plant

22pcs tires retreading plant


We also supply tire retreading industry solutions for clients who want to set up a new retreading factory/plant for used tyre recycling business.We own three retreading workshops for business which are welcome to those who want to start tire retreading business and set up a new retreading plant/factory.
We have competent sales service team to guarantee promt response to any questions from clients with 24 hours.

We offer installing-adjusting-training-producing,the whole serials of services.
We can also design machine per customers' requirements.



Factory Warehouse:








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